DJ Booth Interviews Michael Christmas

By: Seamus Fay

With his sophomore album on the way and just finishing a national tour for Pigeons & Planes, Michael Christmas has certainly been busy these past few months. He recently caught up with DJ Booth for an interview, and although he talked about many subjects that go right along with his everyman charisma and style, the Boston rapper also touched on racism, a subject that he hasn’t talked about extensively in any interviews to my knowledge until now. He explains when he was first introduced to really embracing one’s culture and how he sees racism in his life, and specifically addresses the use of the n-word from other races.

DJ Booth was lucky enough to catch Christmas in a light that he certainly veers from most of the time, and it’s quite interesting. With songs like “Black Boy Magic” and “Spanish Mama Black Daddy” supposedly going on his upcoming album, it seems that Christmas is really embracing the cultures around him, and I’m excited to see him venture into these different, pressing topics to hear how he feels about everything. But for now, you can read the interview and get a preview of what’s been on his mind and what’s to come. Click here to read it.

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