DJ Lucas – “You Don’t Gotta Understand It”

By: Seamus Fay

DJ Lucas and all of his Dark World peers are definitely considered weird by the standards of others, but you have to appreciate what they’re doing and you don’t need to analyze it or try to figure out what the whole thing even means. Just enjoy DJ Lucas for all he’s worth and appreciate it when the Young Mr. Clean gives us new music. This is clearer than ever before with Lucas’ newest track titled “You Don’t Gotta Understand It”, an anthem that explains why people are attracted to his image and sound. In the words of the song “what’s so beautiful about it is honestly you don’t gotta understand it”.

One major aspect of this track that I love is the loose song structure, running between mini verses and hooks without care and ultimately emphasizing the lesson of the song. In one of the verses, it says, “This is for all the hurt people in the world and the ones who feel damaged”, only leading up to more repetition of the hook. The based positivity in this release has to make you happy, as it shows who DJ Lucas represents for: the left of center people who may be looked at weird or misunderstood by others because those people are special and amazing in their own way.

Give “You Don’t Gotta Understand It” a listen below and be sure to pay attention to the lyrics and try to take in the lesson that DJ Lucas is teaching us. We can all learn from him.

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