Cave – “Windmills” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

After dropping a new music video titled “Dead Wrong” last week, which was one of the best songs I had heard from Cave, he’s back again with “Windmills”. The video is directed by PINKSLIP and himself (Cave’s first directing credit), and it seems like the two are creating a very strong relationship, knowing what will work for the two artists and therefore creating some high-quality content.

According to Cave, his mission is to show listeners where he has been before he goes where he’s going. He wants the fans to grow with him. And this music video surely does that. He channels some strong emotions with a verse about feeling a distancing from his girl, even starting up a new relationship with a girl that has “good credit and pushes a Benz”.  With this, Cave shows us the pain of growing apart from someone and moving on, with his slow, distraught delivery.

And the chorus is the chorus from “Feel Good Inc.” by the Gorillaz, one of my favorite songs, so I was pleasantly surprised to be singing along on first listen. But when you listen closer, Cave changes a few small words to make it relate to him more, a nice touch that emphasizes the way he truly feels in the situation. Check out the visuals for “Windmills” below and be sure to keep up with Cave’s upcoming releases with PINKSLIP.

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