Marvelous Stefan – “On Dogs” ft. Lord Felix

By: Seamus Fay

Marvelous Stefan and Lord Felix, two members of Van Buren Records and Brockton natives, are ready to take on everyone with their newest single “On Dogs”. This is probably the most aggressive that I’ve heard Marvelous Stefan as of yet, and Lord Felix joins right along with him with his usual, raw style. The lyrics are unforgiving, with each artist going in bar after bar.

Produced by Van Buren’s newest member, Mission, the production is one of the biggest highlights of the track. Felix and Stefan have a show tonight, and there’s no doubt in my mind that this will shut it down. “On Dogs” is one of the hardest-hitting songs that has come out lately, and it just might be one of my favorites, too. Check out the new single below and check out the preview for the “Back For The Summer” show going on tonight here.

And the cover art is definitely worth mentioning, with a strong contrast between the violent jaw of the dog and the yellow text. It represents the sound and feeling of the song very well, and I feel that the emphasis on cover art lately with Van Buren releases has helped create a strong general aesthetic, an important aspect of being an artist.

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