TwentyTwelve Presents: “Back For The Summer” [Show Preview]

By: Seamus Fay

TwentyTwelve is hosting a “Back For The Summer” show this Friday, June 2, at The SoundLab in Brockton, and with such a solid lineup, you need to go (not to mention that it’s free). Here’s a small preview of each headliner:

Ashauni is a member of TwentyTwelve that never fails to impress when spitting his aggressive verses about his life and what he’s learned so far. With a serious style and a certain chip-on-the-shoulder kind of vibe, Ashauni always goes in hard on verses. In addition, he never comes up short on hooks, often crafting them together in a short, to-the-point fashion that seems to stick in listeners heads. Listen to one of my personal favorites by Ashauni titled “6” from his project Where I’m From:

MT Mill is another member of the TwentyTwelve collective known for his catchy flows and ambitious verses. He possesses the ability to create catchy, hard-hitting songs, and I am confident that the general energy of Mill’s music will translate well live. He has also showcased quite a bit of talent when trading off verses others due to his ability to maintain a flow and keep a vibe going with ease, two talents that you can especially hear in his most recent track “Never There” featuring Ashauni:

Chris Morris is another member of TwentyTwelve that has a wavier style, with melodic deliveries and descriptive verses that bring the listener into his world over the span of the song. He’s sing-songy at times, creating catchy hooks and lines that resonate with fans, a quality that any artist should have. About two months ago, he released a 4-track EP titled For Now, a collection of easy-to-listen music and lyrical showcases that demands attention. Check out the most popular track from the project titled “Right There” featuring MT Mill:

Lord Felix is a member of Van Buren Records who is one of my favorite upcoming artists in the bubbling scene. His raw deliveries and emotional lyrics take listeners through his hardest and most vulnerable times, all the while motivating Felix for the future. His most recent track was actually a reuploaded song called “Don’t Give Me My Flowers When It’s Too Late”, an epic of sorts that’s equally as confident as it is insecure and damaged :

Note: Lord Felix also said on Twitter that he would be performing new music…

Marvelous Stefan is a bit of different artist than the others on this list, focusing on a slower, more emotional style of with his heartbroken love songs and storytelling tendencies. He dropped a project titled Are You Happy?  (click here to read the interview I did with him about it) about a month ago that has been doing well, giving listeners an inside look at the trials and tribulations of his love life. Check out my personal favorite from the project, “Link Up”:

DJing will be DJ Iceberg Slim, along with appearances from other artists as well.

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