B!KO – “F*CK EVERYBODY!” Prod. by Jerm Sherman

By: Seamus Fay

I wasn’t familiar with Brockton artist B!KO at first, but after hearing his newest song “F*CK EVERYBODY!” in my Twitter feed, I instantly became a fan. Not only did he get some extremely wavy production from Van Buren’s Jerm Sherman on the track, but he killed each verse and that hook has the potential to shut down venues. The melody of the song is simple but catchy, putting focus on the delivery of B!KO to add emotion to the track which he does perfectly. His flow and delivery are fun, giving listeners a look into the rapper’s personality and how he feels about a variety of topics.

That aspect is the highlight of the track for me. Every bar is exciting for a different reason, and the track is entertaining the entire time – at no point did I feel like it was dragging on. Check out “F*CK EVERYBODY!” below and make sure you don’t sleep on B!KO in the future like I did.


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