Triy – “Look At Me Now” ft. Jefe Replay

By: Seamus Fay

Triy is just enjoying life, and his newest “Look At Me Now” featuring Jefe Replay only reinforces this. He’s asking everyone who doubted to look at him now, doing what he wants and getting love from people all around. Him and Replay are shining, and it’s time for the world to understand that it’s their year. This is Triy’s first release of 2017, but he has a lot more on the way with his upcoming mixtape TriySeason. 

The Jefe Replay feature on this track works very well, as both artists possess that effortless steez that you can’t fake without coming off corny. They have that natural “I’m the man” attitude that makes their deliveries in this track smooth, never forcing a line and keeping listeners entertained. “Look At Me Now” is definitely a song to keep in your playlist this summer, and be on the lookout for more from Triy soon during the wait for TriySeason.

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