SuperSmashBroz & Izo – “A Friend Indeed”

By: Seamus Fay

The SuperSmashBroz are ready to take on the summer. After Muyi tweeted “Boston running this summer” the other day, he made sure that the SmashBroz were going to make their mark and show everyone that they are going to help run the Boston wave. And with Brothers’ Day yesterday, what better time to drop a new track. With that, the brother duo is here with a new single from their upcoming project Family Cookout titled “A Friend Indeed” featuring vocals from their cousin, Izo.

It fits the vibe of the SmashBroz perfectly, matching their feel-good performances and personalities, both of which are traits that have rapidly been gaining them national attention. I love the Izo vocals on this, too – he has fun with the delivery, and the lyrics are sure to stick in your head even after the first listen. So check out “A Friend Indeed” below and read this write-up from Pigeons & Planes that was used for the premier of the track.

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