DJ Lucas – “ONE OF THREE WAYS” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Dark World’s DJ Lucas is on a hot streak right now, receiving cosign after cosign and spreading his name throughout the entire country. Just the other day, A$AP Lou Bangas tweeted at DJ Lucas asking for a black ballerina hat to be set aside for him, a popular piece from Lucas’ new merch collection.

The Western Mass rapper is now back with a new video for “ONE OF THREE WAYS”, featuring him and some friends dancing together at home along with some clips from a live show. It has a very homemade feel to it, which fits right in with the whole Dark World aesthetic – it’s homemade, and it’s special. Watching DJ Lucas jump around in his room makes sense with his personality, and while I would probably be underwhelmed if another artist did this, I can only sit back and enjoy what DJ Lucas is doing – he’s so true to himself that you have to respect it. Enjoy the video below and be ready to have the opening lines stuck in your head all afternoon – it happened to me, and it will probably happen to you.

“This could go one of three ways/ I could move whatever you give me in three days”

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