Khary – “Quitting” ft. Latrell James [Video]

 By: Seamus Fay

Khary has been on my radar for some time now, and I love what he’s done with his latest visuals for “Quitting”, a song off of his project Intern Aquarium. Featuring Boston’s Latrell James, the music video for the track shows Khary’s life as he thinks about quitting his job, wondering what people will think of his decision and where he goes from here. He’s done with the outside world’s opinions and doubt, and this bold track gives the fans a peak at how the Rhode Island native feels on the inside about everything.

Latrell James is a great fit for the song, too, delivering a quick, well-spoken verse over a FaceTime call during the video. He focuses on the few ways he can alleviate all the stress of having a job you hate, scrambling to keep everything in check and make sure those methods of relaxation are still there for him. The song details the last straw before Khary decides to quit and follow his dreams, and as he looks back to how bad life was when he wrote it, I’m sure he knows that he made the right choice. Check out the video below.

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