Cave – “Dead Wrong” [Music Video]

By: Seamus fay

Cave isn’t wasting any time in his newest song/video titled “Dead Wrong”, emphasizing a determined outlook on things and where he feels he needs to be. The elegant strings in the instrumental are cut through by brash hi-hats and snares, providing room for the verses to run alongside which Cave takes full advantage of to get his point across –  a clear strength of the song as a whole. Directed by PINKSLIP, who also directed Cave’s previous video for “Godspeaking”, these visuals went in a different direction than the last, utilizing the chaotic nature of short, choppy clips (that are even sped-up in many cases) to throw the rapper into an urgent state of mind as the video goes on.

And this song doesn’t have the same eerie, satanic feel to it that “Godspeaking” did either. The lighting remains bright in most clips and with those beautiful strings in the background, there’s no sign of anything too dark. At the moment, I’m feeling like this is my favorite release from Cave so far, and right after hearing the song and watching the video, I had no choice but to hit repeat. It’s only two minutes long which I wasn’t a fan of at first, but once you get into the song you realize it only makes sense that way. If he kept the urgency going for over 3 minutes, it probably would have drawn on too long to keep that feeling alive.

With his last two visuals, I think it’s only right to say that Cave has a clear vision. He makes music with a specific energy, and whatever energy he decides to channel on a given song, it’s going to memorable (did you hear “TANK E”???). Him and Pinkslip are growing well together, too, on the visual side of things, clearly staying on the same wavelength when making “Dead Wrong” and “Godspeaking”. With this power duo doing more in the future, I can’t imagine what’s coming next. So go check out “Dead Wrong” below, and make sure you don’t sleep on Cave.

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