Jefe Replay “Ain’t Sh*t Free” Presale Available Now

By: Seamus Fay

Following up the release of his latest song and visuals titled “Stay Ugly” (which were recently released on YouTube), Jefe Replay emerged with the presale for his new merch. By clicking “Text” from the Ask For Juan Instagram, you can text “Ain’t Shit Free” and it will bring you to the link, or just go to and click the “Store” tab.

These new t-shirts feature the words “Ain’t Sh*t Free” embroidered on the front, and on the back a huge “Ask For Juan” logo. The site says that the shirts will arrive in 3-4 weeks from presale, so a general release will most likely be coming within the next month or so. You check out the designs below.

By the way, be sure to save that phone number because supposedly there’s much more coming soon from Jefe using that same method of communication.

(617) 652 – 5826

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