WHYTRI – “XURWIFI” (Remix) ft. Lily Rayne

By: Seamus Fay

If there’s one thing that WHYTRI is great at, it’s his ability to make bangers that have the ability to energize any crowd. And his newest “XURWIFI” (Remix) is no exception to this. Produced by Cecil, he uses a dial tone to put this one at another level in terms of energy, and WHYTRI runs with it, even screaming over the beat at one point before it leads into Lily Rayne’s verse. Rayne was a smart choice for the feature, with her charisma and smooth delivery matching perfectly with TRI’s endless hype. This song is destined to be big, and I can only imagine that seeing it live at some point will be a legendary experience.

And you can’t go without mentioning the cover art. WHYTRI snapped on this, and one of his goals is to get the grills he has himself wearing in the picture. I told him before and I’ll say it again, once he gets those grills, they might just be some of the best ones I’ve seen out of Boston as of yet. You can check out “XURWIFI” (Remix) below.

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