Booty Bae – “Hurt You” ft. Wavy Drexler & BIGBRUVSAM

By: Seamus Fay

If you’ve been reading this site lately, you know I’m a big fan of what The Arsenal’s Booty Bae is doing. He has an infectious, carefree energy, and he can’t stop dropping the perfect warm-weather tracks. And now Booty Bae back with a new one, teaming up with Wavy Drexler (love that name) and BIGBRUVSAM to make his newest “Hurt You”. It’s a message to all of the exes, talking about moving on and enjoying how life is going right now.

I think my favorite part about this track is the fact that all three artists are on the same wavelength throughout it. Everyone has a consistent style and vibe, and there’s no real weak point on the track. In addition, each artist also goes in with some clever and fun lines, and, just like most Booty Bae songs, “Hurt You” is perfect to play at any upcoming summer functions you’re going to. You can hear the song below.


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