No Jumper Interviews DJ Lucas

By: Seamus Fay

A few months ago, I stumbled upon the music of Western Massachusetts native DJ Lucas, an oddball rapper part of a collective called Dark World. With his unique, small town personality and eccentric style, I just had to keep listening. He was coming out of a place that isn’t known for rap music in the slightest, yet he was so proud and true to himself being from there. Fast forward a bit and in the past few months, his following has grown significantly larger, receiving cosigns from people such as Father of Awful Records and Adam22 who runs No Jumper.

Adam finally got the Western Mass ambassador in the studio for an interview covering a wide range of topics including some Massachusetts gems, what DJ Lucas feels that he represents, the catchy “DJ!” adlib and it’s origins, and much more. I highly recommend watching this one, as there’s much more to the Dark World rapper than I originally knew even after being a fan for a few months now. He’s a funny person, and he doesn’t try to cover who he really is in any aspect of life, a trait that you have respect. So watch the interview below and make sure you join the wave before Dark World blows up even more.

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