King J – “Jealous” ft. Trap Gawd Evo & Una Angel

By: Seamus Fay

Ever since I heard “Kitty Kat Freestyle” by King J, I was hooked on his music. It was the southern accent and charisma, the versatile flows, the wordplay, etc. And now he’s back with a new track titled “Jealous” featuring Trap Gawd Evo and Una Angel. This may be my favorite release from him as of yet, a wavy collection of dense verses, each flowing into the next without any time wasted. The production from TGE is also a major highlight on “Jealous” for me, as it almost sounds like something from IcyTwat in its melodic, bass heavy identity (BTW, check out IcyTwat’s newest project Milk that just dropped).

“Jealous” is cocky, describing the way King J feels about his peers and how he became a rapper, and the attitudes of Trap Gawd Evo (or “TGE” as he calls himself in the song) and Una Angel fit this concept well. The main line repeated throughout the song is “and it’s a well-known fact that you’re absolutely jealous“, pointing to the egos of everyone which, for me, only justifies the choice of King J grabbing these two artists to help him out on the song. Each rapper has effortless swagger and flow, constantly adapting to the beat and leaving no room for error. You can listen to “Jealous” below, and if you haven’t heard anything else by King J, I recommend getting on that right away.

“I just got back from school I’m boutta kick it with the fellas/ And I ain’t got the room to try to fit you on the schedule/ You talk a lot of smack and always tryna get together/ It’s a well-known fact that you’re absolutely jealous”

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