SuperSmashBroz – Seratocast 64 Mix

By: Seamus Fay

When in need of getting your vibes right, the SuperSmashBroz are always there for you. They uploaded their “Seratocast 64 Mix” to SoundCloud today, which was originally dropped on April 10 in addition to an interview with SeratoCast (you can check the interview out here), but was never put on their own account until now. Featuring some of the hottest songs out at the moment and plenty of uplifting, good-mood songs that I hadn’t heard, the SmashBroz did their thing with this one. Having seen them live three times now, I can confidently say they can shut down any function with their clever transitions and ability to identify the right songs to play at the right moments.

It’s best not to sleep on the SuperSmashBroz in the future, especially considering that their SoundCloud plays are flying up and the gigs that they’re getting are on another level right now, two elements that will put DJ Fre$co and Nomz at the top soon. You can listen to the mix below.

P.S. – Check out Graduation Music’s interview with DJ Fre$co here.

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