iLLADELL – “Not The Only One” [Sauced Up]

By: Seamus Fay

Thanks to a SoundCloud repost from Durkin, I heard iLLADELL’s new “sauced up” edit of Michael Christmas’ most recent single “Not The Only One” featuring Tobi Lou. With a slowed down tempo and little changes to the song that double up lines and emphasize some of the best parts, iLLADEL surely leaves his mark on this one, and I’ll definitely be putting this edit in my playlist. He even samples Gucci Mane’s famous “if you ain’t got no sauce, then you’re lost” saying in the beginning of the track, a little detail that helped to hook me into the track from the start.

It’s also worth mentioning the fact that the song being edited isn’t about being cool at all. “Not The Only One” touches on being a screw-up and someone who just “can’t get shit right”, so the fact that it got a “sauced up” edit, an entirely different feel, is actually pretty tight. It’s a mini win at the end of the day as it makes Christmas’ everyday problems the cool thing to listen to.  You can hear the sauced-up edit below, and check out other great edits from iLLADELL at his SoundCloud here.

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