Kleo – “Stop Calling”

By: Seamus Fay

Roxbury native, Kleo, is here with a new track titled “Stop Calling” featuring G.G. $hyne, and with the carefree feel that this one provides, I think it could be getting a lot of play with the summer coming up. “Stop Calling” tells all the toxic, unnecessary people in Kleo’s life to leave him alone, a feeling that everybody can relate to. And with catchy production that compliments the young artist’s flow, you can’t go wrong putting this one in your playlist.

Providing line after line of clever wordplay and almost humorous bars about how Kleo wants nothing to do with the people he addresses on this song, “Stop Calling” has the potential to be an anthem that can help you get through all the stress of the week. Before I heard this, I wasn’t familiar with the work of Kleo, but I know now that after taking a 5-month hiatus, he deserves all the recognition he is getting. You can hear the highly-catchy comeback single below, and be sure to pay attention to what Kleo has coming.


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