Kiron Akil – “Pay Me (REDEMERCEDES Edit)”

By: Seamus Fay

To start off, I love the song “REDMERCEDES”. Its energy is unbeatable, and Aminé is quickly carving a spot out for himself in hip-hop, proving that he’s a lot more than just “Caroline”. The production on “REDMERCEDES” makes it the track it is, putting it at the top of my list of songs I need to see live. And just now, checking my Twitter timeline, I saw that Akil did an edit of the song, a Soundcloud link that I had to click on.

“Pay Me” puts the original “REDMERCEDES” on a whole different energy, making it much more atmospheric and layered than the original version. With wavy, soothing sounds to back up the vocals, Akil throws changing percussion on the track to keep it entertaining, a concept that has kept me as a fan of his production for a minute now. You can listen to the edit below, and I highly recommend hopping on the wave that Akil is on right now.

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