YoungCTheGreat – “CEREAL”

By: Seamus Fay

YoungCTheGreat just gave us a new track titled “CEREAL” to keep on repeat throughout the coming summer. I hadn’t heard anything other than one track by him before, but this release definitely has the young artist on my radar. “CEREAL” goes too hard, with a beat that only gets better as it goes on, and YoungC puts his skillset on display with a catchy hook and effortless verses. He has a vibe to him that makes him special in my opinion, never rushing lines and maintaining a smooth flow throughout the track to keep it consistent, but also switching up his tone in a few instances to keep things interesting.

“CEREAL” seems like it would be best experienced live, which tells me that YoungC is on to something with this release, and the snippet of a different beat at the end of the track was a pleasant surprise, too, showcasing the skill of OHDEE and UNHNK, the two producers of the song. I’m also very much a fan of the artwork with the wavy choice of colors and graphics really highlighting what the track feels like. You can hear “CEREAL” below, and don’t sleep on YoungCTheGreat in the future, a mistake that I made at first.

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