MTMILL – “Never There” ft. Ashauni

By: Seamus Fay

MTMILL and Ashauni’s newest “Never There” is here, and if anything it shows that they’re ready to take over. Jumping on the flute-wave going on in rap right now, the two trade verses without any hesitation, offering line after line of clever wordplay and quotable lyrics. The chemistry between the two artists is clearly apparent, only reinforcing the theme of loyalty and being a day-one that is talked about in “Never There”.  One of my favorite moments on this one is near the end when MT slows it down, saying:

A-shaun-i and M-T/ Got the-streets/ On they-knees/ Y’all know-we/ The-only/ 20103, so n***a we gon eat

His ability to jump out of the quick verses and jump into that calmed down bridge helps me to see MT’s potential as a versatile threat, and the pairing of him and Ashauni only makes this potential even scarier. You can hear the song below, and watch out for new heat from MTMILL and Ashauni soon because according to Ashauni, this is just the start of what they have on the way.

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