Lord Felix – “God Plays Favorites”

By: Seamus Fay

Lord Felix is back with another single titled “God Plays Favorites” produced by LoLoTheGod and engineered by RyanXans, a darker track that questions everything the Brockton artist has going for him at the moment. He talks of being a misfit, his hope that music will work for him, and much more, looking deeper into his life and the people around him. “God Plays Favorites” is insecure yet confident, as Felix seems aware of how others see him yet he doesn’t really care about it, only using it to fuel his aggression and determination to make it.

This directed aggression has been a common theme throughout the Van Buren artist’s last few releases, yet its effects on Lord Felix are described in different ways every time. This cut tends to focus on his use of alcohol and drugs and the way both make him feel, transitioning into how he can change himself while feeling like he wasn’t made as one of God’s favorites. The production on the song matches all of these ideas, with a simple boom bap drum pattern hitting against a dark atmosphere of noise that makes the track raw and brutally honest. You can hear it below, and be on the lookout for Flowers soon.



Also check out this snippet that Lord Felix released this past week on Twitter for a new song titled “Bourbon”, a mix of rap and a punk rock guitar that has the potential to be one of the most unique and interesting tracks from the Van Buren artist to date:

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