Cousin Stizz – “Jo Bros”

By: Seamus Fay

Cousin Stizz just dropped a new single titled “Jo Bros” from his upcoming project titled One Night Only last night, also offering an update on the status of the project. It was originally announced that it would be out on May 12th, but Stizz tweeted last night that it wouldn’t be ready for a few more weeks. For now, we can sit tight with this new song, a cut from the tape that shows him feeling himself more than ever. He’s getting cocky with quite a bit to back it up, especially considering the fact that he’s coming off of a national tour with Kyle that gained Stizz quite a few new fans.

The laid back delivery on “Jo Bros” brings fans that classic charisma that the Dorchester native possesses, and when he switches up his flow to something a bit quicker in the second half of the song, he really puts his lyricism on display and puts the pressure on. I can’t wait for more coming soon, and “Jo Bros” is yet another reason why One Night Only is looking like it’s going to help Stizz level up big time. You can hear the song below.


Note: This is also the same song in the first promotional video for the project that dropped:


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