How I Learned To Love DJ Lucas

By: Seamus Fay

DJ Lucas is part of a Western Massachusetts collective called Dark World, an offbeat group of artists who aren’t listening to any of the traditional rules of music and are quickly making a name for themselves. I never thought there would be rap music in Western Massachusetts, nevermind anything actually good coming out of there, yet here I am writing about it. This is how I fell in love with DJ Lucas’ music:

The first song that I heard from DJ Lucas was “Intro” from Til Death Do Us Part 1. This track immediately stood out to me when I heard it at the beginning of the video for “Rockstar”, and it has remained in my playlist since. Personally, I don’t see any appeal in country music and I can’t listen to it myself, but this is different. It’s a completely different vibe from rap or country. Something about the trap-influenced drum patterns mixed with the banjo does it for me, as it comes out raw and extremely unique rather than corny.

And then there’s the little sayings and adlibs that Lucas proudly recites throughout the track giving it that final DJ Lucas feel. It’s the classic “DJ” adlib, or the perfectly placed “This. Will. Not. End. Well.” right at the beat drop that make this an even better song. DJ Lucas is himself on every single track and he never seems to worry about how others may look at him. He’s honest to say the least with lines like “It’s a been a long day. It’s been a long life.” This isn’t something that a stereotypical rapper might say. Lucas is representing for everyone who is working hard just getting through the day, and he doesn’t fake anything he raps about.

“Intro” is the perfect opener to this project. It doesn’t have any verses and there isn’t any sort of chorus. At face value this track is simply a collection of adlibs connected by a banjo-based instrumental, but it also describes DJ Lucas’ music in a way that not too many intro tracks can do. There are a few parts where he’s simply mumbling things to himself like he forgot he was recording, but every single part of this intro adds to the DJ Lucas and Dark World personalities.

After hearing this gem, I had to dig deeper. I found “Rockstar” and “Ballerina Look Like Jumpan” (both videos are below) and it was from then on that I was a DJ Lucas fan. If you give it a chance and look at how different and new this even is, it makes even more sense. So try out DJ Lucas, and pay attention to him before he’s everywhere, especially now that Father of Awful Records and Adam22 of No Jumper are talking about him.


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