MyCompiledThoughts – “Romeo and Juliet”

By: Seamus Fay

MyCompiledThoughts, or MCT for short, is back with a new single titled “Romeo and Juliet” mastered by Van Buren Records’ Marvelous Stefan. The poppy new track is described by MCT in the description on Soundcloud as “a song about merciless love…and death”, best seen in his delivery on the track. “Romeo and Juliet” is a plea for love from the young artist, who sees something special in the woman he is singing to, passionately telling her that the two need to get together.

My favorite part of this track so far is the production, emphasizing the feeling of helplessness that MCT seems to feel without this mystery woman. He sees the two as angels together, and the trailing vocal sample in the background plays on that fact, putting the production in a place where it acts as the soundtrack to the dream of the two being together. Also worth mentioning is the cover art for “Romeo and Juliet”, which acts as an oddly perfect description of the feelings that come across in the song shown in the colors chosen and the way the graphics interact within the artwork. You can hear the song below.


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