By: Seamus Fay

Boofy just dropped a new project titled BOOFAMANIA for 4/20, featuring 3 brand new songs (“Side Window”, “Boof”, and “Low”) and one that was already released titled “FACES”. I’m a big fan of the project, as all 4 songs are guaranteed to remain in your head for a little bit after listening. Boofy shows with this one that he specializes in making catchy songs with bright melodies, all the while developing his personality through the lyrics.

Production-wise, the first two tracks are choppy and hard hitting, while it gets much more atmospheric on the last two tracks. I’m a big fan of this contrast, as listeners get the best of both worlds in BOOFAMANIA. The 20-year old artist even tries out his singing voice on “Low”, and I think it worked out great. It’s not perfect singing, but it’s original and it’s Boofy being himself, giving an authenticity that makes the vocals a very nice touch. It almost made the project hit closer for me, with that unique feel making “Low” my favorite track as of right now. You can hear the project below.


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