Lord Felix – “Crisis”

By: Seamus Fay

Lord Felix quietly dropped a new song titled “Crisis” last week, a dark single exploring the Brockton artist’s flaws and fears that excites me for the lyrical side of his upcoming project Flowers. The Earl Sweatshirt-esque production and flow on this one make for an interesting listen, as “Crisis” doesn’t hold the same fire that “Weight Off” or “Brief Intermission” do. Felix seems legitimately stuck in the way he puts his words together, staying at rock bottom without hope of getting out. It may be one of the most honest tracks the young artist has made as of yet, with no sugarcoating of his darkest thoughts and emotions about his life.

“Crisis” points to one of Lord Felix’s most underappreciated talents – his ability to put you into his shoes while you listen to his music. By creating a gloomy, dark atmosphere with the production, the verse on this song acts as the listener’s guide to everything happening and it becomes easy to slip into the song and find yourself seeing what Felix sees on the daily. As mentioned earlier, it’s unlike Lord Felix to not mention his fight back and the sudden burst of motivation he gets from his darkest moments as we have seen on other tracks. “Crisis” simply puts it all out there for a listener to hear with no hidden strings, and it seems like it could be one of the pieces of Flowers that could help tie everything together if it makes it onto the project. You can hear the song below.



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