The Importance of Steady Leanin’ x Durkin’s “Murk”

By: Seamus Fay

Last month, Steady Leanin’ and Durkin dropped a mix together titled Murk. It was a compilation of great music with little touches that gave it the genuine Steady Leanin’ feel, including “Yamborghini Intro”, “Murky Outro”, and Durkin’s remixes and edits scattered throughout the mix. I loved it, listening to it fully through multiple times and finding new music from it that remains in my playlist today.

But the impact of this mix is much larger than just helping me find new music. Murk gave light to Boston’s rap scene with national coverage from XXL, FactMag, and more of the biggest music sites today. The Steady Leanin x Durkin collaboration included a total of 8 different tracks from Boston artists including Pistola, Black El, Maka, and more – a loyal move from the creators to pay homage to their city and show people outside of Boston why you shouldn’t count the city out.

Considering that Murk received national coverage and Steady Leanin and Durkin have both developed considerably large fanbases, putting Boston songs in the mix showed that they have confidence in the local scene to impress people all over the country; an important step forward and lesson for Boston artists to put themselves out there and give people no choice but to support what’s going on.

Anyone from Boston can receive national attention or a cosign like this if they make great music and market themselves well. Murk is a perfect example of having faith in the city and proving that it can become a music powerhouse if it can get more national exposure. So thank you to Steady Leanin and Durkin for having confidence in the abilities of Pistola, Reem Skully, Fat P, etc. It’s a big step in the right direction.


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