Booty Bae – “BreakUDown”

 By: Seamus Fay

The Arsenal’s Booty Bae just dropped a new track titled “BreakUDown”, a soundtrack for the warm weather that fits his style of music with bright production and carefree, happy deliveries. Booty Bae enjoys himself on this one, and the simple piano chords over the trap influenced beat emphasize that, putting the focus on the vocals. There’s also a part of the beat that uses a flute during the chorus, and if it hasn’t been proved before, then “BreakUDown” shows that the flute is in right now for hip-hop production. The fact that Booty Bae produced this himself only makes me more excited for his future. With every song he seems to improve his skills even more, the prime example on this one for me being the mixing. He uses a few new tricks on the beat drops such as making his vocals jump from one side of the ear to the other a few times before the drop to add to the suspense, and it fits very well. You can hear “BreakUDown”.


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