What We Know About Cousin Stizz’s Newest Project

By: Seamus Fay

This past week, Cousin Stizz posted a new video titled “One Night Only” on YouTube featuring an unreleased song supposedly titled “Jonas Bros”. It is believed that “One Night Only” is a new project of his and not just a song, and two tracks from it will be the previewed “Lambo” and “Jonas Bros” (you can hear the “Lambo” previews here). Here is everything else we know about the Dorchester rapper’s upcoming project:

Is “One Night Only” the name of the project? 

  • He just changed his Twitter profile picture from the MONDA cover to a different picture of himself and made his header a neon blue sign saying “One Night Only” which he probably wouldn’t do if it was just a single
  • The tour merch he’s selling right now says “One Night Only” on it with his name and nothing about MONDA or in reference to MONDA
  • The tour poster for what dates he is opening for KYLE calls it the “One Night only” tour

When is he dropping new music from the project?

  • Look at this:

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 1.38.18 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-08 at 1.37.38 PM

Who’s On The Project?

  • A picture of Cousin Stizz working with Murda Beatz just surfaced
  • He has interacted with Vinylz multiple times on Twitter about the unreleased song(s) they have together
  • Tee-WaTT, a frequent collaborator, is going to be on some of the production
  • No sign of any features yet which isn’t a surprise considering that Stizz doesn’t usually look for features
  • Although, if there is a feature, I would guess that it’s from Big Leano considering how much time they seemed to spend together in LA a few months back

When can we expect the entire project to drop?

  • With tweets from some of his friends about how Stizz has the summer on lock and the fact that both Suffolk County and MONDA were dropped in the summer, it should be sometime around June
  • If he’s starting the rollout in the beginning of April, it will be a month or two until the project comes, putting us right a the beginning of the summer in May or June

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