Lord Felix – “Brief Intermission” Music Video

By: Seamus Fay

Lord Felix is here with new visuals for his latest release “Brief Intermission” directed by Damian Mejia. The music video is split into two parts, the first showing Felix and the Van Buren crew just having fun and going crazy to the aggressive delivery and beat of the song. But in contrast, the other half of the video features a hurt Felix talking about the pain he feels after his breakup while laying there and staring at the camera. He barely makes direct eye contact during this part, and the video ends suddenly before the beat has the chance to build up and go back in, possibly symbolizing how hard the breakup hit him and how sudden it really was. It is also worth mentioning that this calmed down second half does not appear on the Soundcloud version of the track.

I truly believe that these visuals push the song to another level, giving much more literal meaning to the lyrics once it is seen how different the verses are and how Felix chooses to portray the effect that this has had on him. It almost seems like the separation he went through and the whole year he had to go through (as described in “Weight Off”) hurt him in a lot of ways, but also motivated him and made the Brockton artist much more determined for success, trying to prove himself not only to others, but to himself to show that he can make it through anything thrown his way. You can watch the “Brief Intermission” video below, and be ready for Flowers dropping soon.


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