Valley: Hidden Gem

By: Seamus Fay

Dorchester artist VALLEY surprised everyone at the beginning of this year, dropping a song and accompanying video called ” Landed” that showed an immense amount of skill especially considering that it was his first release. As the year has gone on, the artist hasn’t made much noise, slowly plotting the next release hopefully coming soon.

VALLEY had been a behind-the-scenes figure for a few years and was friends with many of the artists we know today in the Boston scene (even appearing in Jefe Replay’s video for “Sips Tea”), but he decided not to release his music until this year – and it was completely worth the wait. With “Landed”, he showed us a lot, including how well he could utilize his deep voice to deliver a slow, jaded verse that has remained one of my favorites of the year so far.


One of the most special parts of this release was the visuals directed by Reko. They gave a whole new meaning to the song, incorporating bright colors and sharp contrasts that you don’t see very often. This surely pushed this release over the edge for me and made it most memorable, although I do believe that VALLEY could hold himself down well with loose tracks in the future based on musical talent.

At the end of the day, we don’t really know where VALLEY will go next. He seems to pride himself on how unpredictable he is, and that may take him a number of ways. Although, from what I’ve heard through Instagram live streams, it seems like his new material may be a lot different than “Landed” taking a lighter approach with the same charisma that has helped put him on the Boston map this year.

I was fortunate enough to contact Valley and when I asked about his upcoming plans for releases, he replied with the following:

I hope everybody ready for the mindfuck now. This was a part of the plan to not drop anything until it got stuck in heads. Now that “LANDED” is resonating I can execute my next song…can’t release a date just yet, just know it’s coming and I’ve been working hard on connections to level up on artwork/promo business wise. I still believe nobody got the vision I got, so yeah I’m just moving off of vibes.

Be sure not to sleep on Valley, because he may just be one of the biggest names in Boston by the end of the year. Check out his social medias below.

Follow VALLEY on Social Media:





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