Booty Bae – “Glow Up”

By: Seamus Fay

The Arsenal’s Booty Bae is on fire so far this year, dropping even more heat a few days ago with “Glow Up”. The track is self-produced, once again showcasing the expanding talent of Booty Bae and his knack for being right on target in terms of matching the style of the production with his strengths on the mic. “Glow Up” is all about the come up for the young artist, and where things are headed now that his tape Mr. Sweatsuit is out. It seems that with every drop I am liking Booty Bae even more, with his bouncy flows making every song extremely catchy.

“Glow Up” is definitely a highlight song, in my opinion, setting Booty Bae aside from others especially when the synth comes in during the chorus and you feel the full effect of what he can do and the hits he can make. You can check out “Glow Up” below.


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