Brennan – ‘Unbothered’

By: Seamus Fay

Rising artist Brennan is here with a new EP titled Unbothered, a 3-track statement piece that shows the charisma that he possesses through aggressive verses and bold production. It has two features, one from Southside Smoke and the other from one of Brennan’s frequent collaborators, Big Leano, both of which fit seamlessly on their respective tracks. This EP is surely one to listen to front-to-back rather than skipping around, as each song flows into the next and builds off of the previous one. Unbothered is also special in its replay value, something that Brennan has been known for with his ability to write catchy hooks and come up with relatable lines, all of which are unapologetically truthful.

As of right now, “To The Money” is my favorite track, mostly because Leano and Brennan have a certain chemistry that not many do, one that has built up over time to the point where they can trade-off verses without a hook and the song will never get boring. Their styles are very similar, too, considering that they have very similar deliveries: aggressive and to the point without much buffer. Brennan’s stock is definitely going up this year, and watch out for new music from him to follow this EP coming soon enough.


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