Booty Bae – ‘Mr. Sweatsuit’

By: Seamus Fay

A few weeks ago, Booty Bae, a member of The Arsenal collective, blessed us with the release of his project Mr. Sweatsuit. It’s a set of some of the catchiest, feel-good songs that have come out this year at face value, but when you look closer, Booty Bae gave us amazing punchlines and relatable verses on each and every song. The choice of production was also spot-on, with each placement adding to his style in a way that made the whole project run smooth from front to back without any forces. My favorite song at the moment is “No No [Intro]”, a self-produced track that starts the tape off on a great note. It introduces us to the character of Booty Bae in a way that leaves a strong first impression for all listeners.

The first track on Booty Bae’s SoundCloud is from just 6 months ago, yet he has gained thousands of plays on his tracks along with a few hundred followers in such a short time. I’m certainly excited for what he has to come, as his production and ability to create a strong vibe work hand-in-hand to make every song a new wave to follow. Not to mention, The Arsenal is exciting as a whole, with quite a few artists coming out of Boston and Atlanta that may just be next up. You can hear Mr. Sweatsuit below, and be sure to look out for more from Booty Bae in the future.


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