Michael Christmas Lyrics in Pictures

By: Seamus Fay

Michael Christmas has become known for his vivid storytelling and hilarious comparisons, so I decided to put my very limited photoshop skills to the test by transforming some of his lyrics into images. Here were the results:

“Overweight 6 god, practicing my singing/ I’m the chubby R Kelly on these tracks I be pissin’”

From “Hate”

christmas r kelly.jpg

christmas views.png

I never had imagined my passion could turn into some cash/ I’m like an NBA draft pick/ Even if I’m last pick salary ain’t capped shit/ And I still got no bitch, so nobody get half of this

From “Gay Black Model Remix”


celtics christmas.jpg


“This is 1970’s Boston/ Walk From The Garden/ Put Your Hands In Your Pockets, Celtics Demolished”

From “The World”

the garden.jpg


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