Anticipated Debuts: MAKA

By: Seamus Fay

Hailing from Cambridge, MAKA is one of the best new artists coming out of the Boston area at the moment. With one of the best voices I’ve heard in a while and the waviest production on each and every song, he has proven quite a bit with only a few singles dropped so far. He seems to be aware of himself and his skill set, as he always picks the right beats for songs and produces for himself with perfect precision to get a certain message or feeling through to the listener.

One of the biggest appeals with MAKA is how relatable his lyrics are and the aesthetics they form. He doesn’t talk about anything out of the blue, usually describing what’s going on in his day and how he’s feeling about life at the moment. With this, he seems like a regular guy to everyone listening, coming across as conversational in a lot of instances. I personally like this quality a lot, as it makes me more attached to what I’m hearing.

Although he hasn’t dropped a project yet, all of MAKA’s music could easily be put together on one if he wanted. Each song on his Soundcloud flows into the next one with ease, and I don’t see why his music wouldn’t translate well onto a mixtape or album. He hasn’t stepped out of line yet, and with the path he’s on, I see the Cambridge artist’s stock rising very quickly. Yes, he has racked up thousands of plays on his songs already, but I see MAKA becoming much more popular in the near future with his everyday personality and wavy tracks.

Ultimately, I think that everything we have heard from MAKA so far has been very natural, never forced. He has pure talent that sets him aside from others, being a producer that knows what works with his own vocals, and having a well-used, low voice unique to himself. You can listen to his music below, and be sure to watch for new music from the rising artist soon.


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