Lord Felix – “Brief Intermission”

By: Seamus Fay

Van Buren’s Lord Felix is here with a new banger titled “Brief Intermission”, a song that gained quite a bit of hype around it due to a snippet posted from the studio a while back. There isn’t a better word than gritty to describe this one. It’s raw as ever and illustrates very clearly that Felix is ready for everyone to move out of the way. Lyrically I believe that there is less holding back with each song dropped, proven once again with this release. He is borderline screaming at times which only ups the chaos of it all, yet he never loses control or sight in the verse. By balancing these elements, Felix has already mastered a skill that not many have, pushing him to the top even further. Flexing quite a bit in the song, he reminds us that he’s living the life of a superstar in a lot of ways, yet he hasn’t even dropped a project yet. Felix has just been killing it in fashion with Amerikanah, doing things like hanging out at a NYFW Fendi afterparty to prove it.

This is one of my favorite releases from the Brockton artist, and it only brings us one step closer to the highly-anticipated Flowers supposedly dropping this spring. The worst part of it is that the song is only a minute and 20 seconds long, but I didn’t expect much more from an intermission. With 3 tracks now out from the project, we are slowly seeing what is forming into, and there is no denying that it will be something special. For now, listen to “Brief Intermission” below.

Do it all for my late uncle, when you lookin down I hope you’re proud of us/ Go to Barneys spend a thou, wow, for every f*ckboy that ever doubted us


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