Big Leano: Next Up

By: Seamus Fay


Big Leano has been a hot topic of conversation around Boston since the release of his 2016 mixtape Tales From The Mud, and it’s sounding like what he has coming for this year is going to be even bigger. Below are some of the main traits of Leano and his music that I can see taking him to the top this year:


Tales From The Mud impressed me quite a bit with how well Leano’s style was able to hold up for an entire project. He kept consistent energy throughout every mood he went for, and I personally don’t think there’s a bad song, or at least one that loses the momentum, on the entire thing. This proved Leano’s ability to stay on top and keep people on the wave which is a very important skill to have. Making listeners stay attentive throughout an entire mixtape is not easy by any means, yet he was able to do it notably well. He uses his image to fuel this, as seen with the differences between “Travel Clothes” and “No Photos”. Although “No Photos” is so much more calmed down, both songs fit the rockstar that Leano is. With this, Tales From The Mud provided fans with Leano’s perspective on many different aspects of his life, each one holding a different energy and making for a unique song.

P.S. – Can we talk about how tight the cover for Tales From The Mud is?

Live Performance

Leano has hits. All of his songs have an energy to them, and they all have the potential to translate very well live no matter how laid back they may be. He’s an expert at not only creating a strong vibe, but creating one that others can get behind and become a fan of. Performance-wise, he seems to be ready for the spotlight considering the fact that he can shut down any venue he wants with the chants he starts (“leannn”) and high-energy performances. It helps that every song provides consistent energy as I mentioned previously, but overall his stage presence is what helps him the most. He demands attention with the way he performs, and if you don’t know him at the beginning of the night, you’ll definitely know his name after.

Also, the song “Lean For Sale” is quite possibly the best song to perform at any Boston show because of the tremendous energy it brings. Seeing the song live should be on every Boston tourism list of things to do when you’re in the city; it’s essential. See for yourself:

Boy it’s @bigleano and he work the crowd like a vet! 🍼

A video posted by dan (@troublshooting) on Jul 25, 2016 at 5:28am PDT


Another big reason that Big Leano will be one of the biggest names in Boston soon enough is because of all the support he receives from other local artists. Cousin Stizz recently recommended his music in an article for Pigeons and Planes, and beyond that, he receives tons of support from different managers and artists on social media. He has been there with everyone since the start of the rise of the Boston scene, so he has all the contacts he needs to really get somewhere.

Although Leano has not had any features on his music so far, it’s no question that if he did, they would be unbelievable based on the other artists he is friends with: Stizz, Christmas, Vintage Lee, etc. He has all the connections he needs to have a strong team around him, and figures such as Ian Goodwin and Tim Larew are two of the biggest people behind the Boston rap scene that both support Leano. It is still important to know that everything he has on Soundcloud right now has thousands of plays, but I have confidence that he can become even bigger very soon.

Ultimately, Big Leano is already on the road to becoming one of the biggest rappers we have seen come out of the city. He’s already known as a star locally, and this year will definitely be a big year in expanding his reach all around. It is also worth mentioning that Leano already acts like a star. Based on the way he moves, he seems to be ready for fame, not paying attention to the smaller distractions around him that could ruin such an opportunity.

And when you look back, Tales From The Mud may just be looked at as a timeless Boston project in its impact on the rise of the city’s rap scene. It was essential in gaining more momentum locally, and it set the stage for a lot of other artists that we have seen become very big in recent months.

Enjoy this snippet of new music by Big Leano along with Tim Larew’s description of what his new work sounds like:

Big Leano Social Media:






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