Austin Fair – “Clowns” (Prod. Humbeats)

By: Seamus Fay

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 12.46.08 PM.png

Chicopee’s Austin Fair is ready for the top with his newest song titled “Clowns”. Produced by Humbeats, the laid-back, soulful track highlights Fair’s lyrical ability. He isn’t in a rush with his delivery, as the smooth instrumental holds him down with clever wordplay about being in college and being ahead of the game. It’s a showcase track for his talent, it seems, as every line hits just right and leads into the next with ease. Having heard of Austin Fair for the first time this morning, I’m thoroughly impressed at how talented he is lyrically and how well he kept his flow. Not once does he reach to fit a line, but he takes his time and it definitely pays off. At the end of the track, the drums stop as the instrumental takes a moment to slow down and finally stop. This acts as the moment of silence to reflect on the verse, creating a perfect closer to the song. You can hear it below.

Best Lines: 

I survive and hold the crown niggas weak and they frail

I’m 21 and milk chocolate so I’m dead or in jail

Heaven or hail I think I hit the head on the nail

Nail on the head I’ll never put this rappin to rest

I’m not the type to hold a ratchet but you might need a vest

I’m sending shots to any rapper out that isn’t correct


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