Anticipated Debuts: Vintage Lee

By: Seamus Fay


Roxbury’s Vintage Lee has been on fire lately, and with just four singles out, she has showed an immense amount of talent in her music. Dropping a new single titled “Jib & Jab” just a week ago, she is heating up for a big year in 2017. Below are some of the main reasons I am excited for her debut project potentially dropping later this year:


Lee’s brutally honest lyrics and straightforward bars make her music accessible, yet even more entertaining. They add to the pimp of it all, not afraid to keep it blunt and be real with the listeners. Her commentaries provide interesting insight about what goes on in her life in comparison to the world around her, which serves her well in relatability with fans.

Lee’s music is raw, not decorated with long words or intricate wordplay, but instead delivered right to the listener with a take it or leave it attitude. She doesn’t beat around the bush, and her personality is supported with these to-the-point rhymes that often time teach lessons.

Energy and Personality

All her music has a specific energy, translating very well live as she lets her confidence leads the way. My best comparison would be that Lee handles herself like a toned down Muhammad Ali. This charisma easily attracts listeners, amazed at how she always does her, no matter what that means for others. It balances on the line of ignorant and confident, combining the two well giving her a great personality as a rapper. In addition, Lee doesn’t mind people sleeping on her. With consistent singles dropped that all have thousands of plays, she has been able to organically gain fans without much promotion at all.

Also, Lee’s ability to entertain beyond just the music will surely help her as she moves forward, as many fans’ opinions on an artist can be after their first time seeing them perform. In my one experience seeing her live, she not only had the whole place chanting and singing along within minutes, but she jumped into the crowd at one point, bouncing with all the fans and making for a very memorable performance that immediately had me hooked.

Production and Details

Her use of adlibs (“okayyy”) helps add layers to the melody and compliment it well, adding that extra bit of emphasis on certain lines to make them stand out and stick in the listener’s head. These added pieces also let Lee have fun with her verses, quickly stepping away from serious tones before going right back in. And who doesn’t love adlibs?

Lee tends to mix hard trap-influenced drums with high-pitched melodies, making her consistent and well put together. I am confident that this consistency will work very well to make a coherent, exciting project. the storytelling that we have grown to know and love will surely keep listeners attentive just as they have so far.

Ultimately, Vintage Lee has many unmatched and unqiue qualities in her music and personality that will surely take her far.  The whole pimp persona that she embodies is highly marketable, attracting people to find out what the young artist is about. I firmly believe that if Lee drops a project this year, it will not only project her career on to another level, but it will be huge in terms of putting Boston (Roxbury specifically, too) on the map even more than it already is.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 4.24.21 PM.png









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