Vintage Lee – “Jib & Jab”

By: Seamus Fay

Artwork by @446cb3

Roxbury’s Vintage Lee is back with a new single titled “Jib & Jab.” Produced by frequent Cousin Stizz collaborator Tee-WaTT, the song follows Lee’s usual style of high-pitched and confrontational melodies over trap-influenced drums, decorated with infectious adlibs including the infamous “okayyy”. With her newest, she proves her consistency once again and gains even more hype for her debut hopefully coming this year. The song talks of her aggressive personality with the insight of her pimp-persona talking about the young artist’s day to day and hustle to get where she wants to be. At the same, Lee talks about how far she’s made it and how far she has to go. This is one of my favorite recent releases, and I can’t wait for a project or more singles later in the year. You can hear “Jib & Jab” below.


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