SAMO D – “Godspeaking

By: Seamus Fay

I have been hearing talk about SAMO D for a while now, and after seeing him live I knew he was special. This release of the song and music video “Godspeaking” confirms that, showcasing his production talent along with lyrical talent that go together to set him aside from others. Directed by PINKSLIP, the music video is a chaotic and eerie set of scenes that illustrate the aggressive bass in the beat and slow, angry delivery from the Dorchester native vividly. The track itself stands strong alone, as the angry bass and occasional use of autotune put the anger within SAMO on display and narrate the video, all grounded by a chorus that simply states, “Ion talk to demons, this is God speaking.”

My personal favorite scene comes in the beginning, with a quick flash of light and some confusing pictures before returning to dark walls illuminating SAMO’s face and then showing him running away in a bloody baseball jersey. It seems that the whole storyline is not so much about the murder that happens in the beginning, but what results from it and the inner thoughts of SAMO as he lets out all the built up aggression he seems to have. Including scenes in dark hallways, a church, and the woods it almost seems as if he’s trying to run away but he can’t find anywhere that frees his mind (“I ain’t got no choice, gotta move on“). The dark coloring and varying shots make for great visuals, further adding to the story. This makes me very excited for what SAMO D has to come in 2017 (according to Twitter it seems like this is just the beginning). You can watch the video below.


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