Why You Should Be Excited For Proper Finessments

By: Seamus Fay

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 5.29.29 PM.png

Roxbury’s Jefe Replay has been making waves in the city for some time now, and he’s gearing up to drop his debut project in 2017 titled Proper Finessments. Here are some reasons why it’s one of the most anticipated Boston debuts:

“What You Need”

This song is probably my favorite at the moment. It’s perfect for any event, translating extremely well live which is one of Replay’s best skills. “What You Need” seems to sum up his image in a way, as it gives off an effortless and laid-back mood with the smooth beat and vocals that follow, nearly blending into the instrumental. Effortless steez is a reoccurring theme in a lot of Jefe Replay’s music and personality, and it shows through here.

“Sips Tea”

I group “Sips Tea” in the same category as “What You Need” based on the style of the song and replay value. We see more of Jefe’s effortless steez and ability to get a standout phrase in a song stuck in everyone’s head. The catchiness of the songs on Proper Finessments may just be one of their best features. “Sips Tea” also acts as a preview for visuals to come which is very reassuring considering how high-quality they are.


This song is actually by Cousin Stizz, but it portrays a side of Jefe’s music I haven’t described yet. It isn’t so carefree or effortless. His verse had to be the closer on this song due to its aggression and stone cold honesty. The ending line (“but I still walk through my city man”) called for a moment of silence on the end of the track, only followed by a few words from Stizz to wrap everything up. This verse alone gets me excited for the project because it is one of a few different tracks that show the aggression Jefe can have when he wants to show it. I highly recommend giving this a listen to see the contrast between songs like this and “What You Need”, making me anticipate the diversity of songs on Proper Finessments.

“The Wave”

Replay kills it with fellow Roxbury rapper Plad Fine$$e on this one, and it once again speaks to his ability to make the type of hit that has everyone singing along after their first listen. “The Wave” also gives light to Jefe’s pride for where he’s from, a theme that will probably be discussed a lot on the project. It’s comforting to hear because at the end of the day, Boston’s a close-knit city, and Jefe doesn’t hesitate to keep that going by doing collaborations with other local rappers. I don’t expect many features, if any, considering that it’s his debut, but there may just be a few Boston guest verses to look forward to, Plad being the most likely by my prediction.

Overall, Jefe Replay’s versatility is what makes me most excited for this project. He has proven time and time again his ability to kill any beat he wants with ease, and it leaves me wondering what sound he will focus on for Proper Finessments, or even if he will focus on just one sound at all. All I can say is make sure you pay attention to Replay as much as you can in the coming months so you don’t miss anything.

P.S. – Follow @askforjuan on Instagram to unlock a single from the project – once the account gets to 500 followers, Replay promised a single, and at 1,000 followers we get the project. (instagram.com/askforjuan)


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