What Selling Out the Paradise Rock Club Meant For Cousin Stizz

By: Seamus Fay


Cousin Stizz’s sold out show at the Paradise Rock Club was one of the biggest moments of the year in Boston and also one of the biggest moments in Stizz’s entire career so far. After years of grinding, countless studio sessions, and hearing that Boston didn’t have it’s own sound and scene so many times, it seems that Cousin Stizz made a promise to himself. A promise to not only do it for his own success, but to do it for his city and make people completely change their opinion on Boston. That one night at the Paradise Rock Club sums all of these ideas up. Selling out a venue of almost 1,000 people in his hometown was a turning point in his career, surely. It was almost a formal acceptance as one of the leaders of the Boston scene whose job it is to show people why they shouldn’t sleep. Of course, Stizz was popping in the city and beyond well before the show, but it was different considering that selling out the venue had been a goal of his for so long.The energy in the crowd that night cannot be put into words. Everyone there yelled at the top of their lungs each lyric, further convincing Stizz that this was meant to be; if he can do that, what’s the ceiling? Just a few months later he’s hanging out with some of the biggest rappers in the game and traveling all across the country spreading his message. He hasn’t looked back since he missed the bus for school (if you understand that reference, you’re a real one). That one night at the Paradise Rock Club showed Stizz that he had finally reached what the bar was for so long, yet he wasted no time in raising it with his sophomore tape, MONDA and everything that has come with it. So I suppose this is my formal thank you for everything that has changed in the year 2016 for Boston because of Stizz. He will surely continue to pave a way for everyone in his hometown determined to make their own waves, and I’m positive that this is only the beginning. Here’s to even more success in 2017. Thank you, Stizz.



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