Haasan Barclay – “Fly With Me Again”

By: Seamus Fay

Haasan Barclay is here once again with a new single dedicated to his wife on their two month anniversary. The song is a remake of his song “Fly With Me”, from the album Heaven is Your Last Dream. His vocals are genuine, sang with passion considering the occasion for the song, and without the effects used on the album version.They bring out a warmer mood, as the sound of his actual voice without any alterations is extremely genuine. Another change from the album version is that the drums are much softer, once again making for that softer and warmer feeling that brings out the emotion of the anniversary. Lastly, the instrumentation is slightly less complex and less electronic than on the album making it come off as homemade to switch up the vibe (in its mood, not quality). It’s well worth the listen as it’s interesting to hear the same song channel a different event so well with just a few simple changes. You can hear the song below.


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