The 7 Most Underrated Boston Songs From 2016

By: Seamus Fay

Throughout the past year, many smaller Boston artists have been making some great music bound to take them far in the near future. I decided made a list of the 7 most underrated songs by these artists from the past year. It was tough to choose, but I was able to narrow it down and really find some gems that I highly recommend giving a listen to. You can see the list below, and I wish the best of luck to all of these artists in the upcoming year. I can honestly say that Boston has quite a lot to be proud of.


“Off The Shits” – Patrick Michel 

This song is one of the most underrated for me due to the soulful and strong voice that Michel has, perfectly contrasting the soft melody mainly comprised of bells disguised behind the vocals. The drums don’t go too hard, but the bassline really builds the song and the focus stays on Michel’s voice which is extremely important for someone with that much talent. It ends abruptly, leaving the listener wanting to hit the replay button to get more. Although, this ending makes sense as the song doesn’t have any major beat drops that would make for an eased ending. It’s perfectly done through and through.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 9.04.41 PM.png

“Letter to the Sheriff // Still Don’t” – Reedus 3M

Reedus 3M is simply one of the most talented upcoming artists out of Boston that I have heard yet. The lyrics of the song are personal, telling stories of his own life while including general themes that so many can identify with and relate to. The beat fits the song extremely well, giving the song the feel of Reedus’ innocence and misfortune while still using the lyrics to show the anger he feels due to his negative experiences with the police. The contrast of the two emotions he feels create for a very interesting listen. There are many levels to the song added to the clever wordplay and personal narratives that make the listener feel for Reedus and what people just like him have been through. I just found this song recently, and it makes me extremely eager for new content from Reedus. His ability to tell stories with his punchlines is almost unmatched, and I feel as if I have found a hidden gem within the scene.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 9.05.37 PM.png

“Stupid” (Remix) – Brennan ft. Big Leano

“Stupid” is very necessary for this list. It may not be the same conscious rap that “Letter to the Sheriff” is, but it hits in a different way. The song is a banger guaranteed to translate extremely well live, and it displays the presence that both Brennan and Big Leano have on any given track. It has an infectious bassline and an extremely catchy chorus, lined with bar after bar filled with flexes, showing a special confidence that can change the listener’s mood completely with one listen. This song should easily be more popular, showcasing the skills of both artists to make a catchy song easily playable at any event, getting the entire crowd hyped up. I look forward to seeing more from both artists in the future.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 9.06.24 PM.png

“Konichiwa” – Original Kadeem

Original Kadeem proved himself and then some with his project BIGELOW, and this single dropped after the album gives the impression that the same hunger is still there. The beat crosses back and forth between aggressive and smooth, with Kadeem gracefully and effortlessly rapping with confidence about how far he’s made it and where he is as an artist. It’s a step back from the entire album and it seems to be a sort of breath of fresh air for the artist, relieved that the project is done and he can keep growing and working on the next one. Kadeem’s skill and wordplay will keep him on my radar in the upcoming year for a new project and/or new singles.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 9.07.09 PM.png

“Today” – Nick Gray

“Today” is proof that Nick Gray can craft an anthem easily. His determination and confidence in rap help him to have fun on this track, encouraging others to go out and get it over a simple beat with great energy. The production sets the mood, telling everyone how far Gray has come and how everything is completely in reach for anyone else that wants to go out and make some plays. It’s encouraging to say the least, with easy replay value and a guarantee to translate well live. The song was one of many hits off of Nick Gray’s “Northside” project release this past year (I highly recommend listening to the whole thing).


“Poland Spring” – Pistola

“Poland Spring” is a highly catchy song that exhibits some of Pistola’s biggest strengths. He effortlessly puts together infectious hooks and chooses his beats with his own talents and weaknesses in mind. Most of the production in his music includes very laid-back, easygoing melodies perfect for parties but also for listening to casually. The comparisons he uses are humorous at times and easily quotable, making the listener play his songs over and over. His most recent project, Taxachusetts, featured his eccentric style and tone of voice on each and every track, making a great listen start to end. I give my highest recommendation to listen to the young artist as he grows bigger and bigger with every track he releases.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 9.08.41 PM.png

“The Scene” – Plad Fine$$e

Plad Fine$$e has become known all over the city and beyond for his honest and unapologetic style, and this song is no exception. “The Scene” features an aggressive Fine$$e verse over a hypnotic beat produced by Finn Wigan, with the flow switching several times as the subject of the verse changes with it. The song covers many areas of the life of Plad Fine$$e at this stage in his career, including where he’s from, where he’s at, and what’s all around him. It gives the listener insight into who he really is behind the mic, serving as a very personal look into Roxbury.

Other Great Listens From The Past Year:

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