Get Familiar With the Headliners – Plad Fine$$e, Brandon James, Superior

By: Seamus Fay 

Plad Fine$$e announced a New Years Eve show earlier today at a secret location alongside Superior and Brandon James and DJs Dreaveli,  Flee, and Blaw (special guests are also supposed to come). Below are some of my personal favorite tracks from the headliners to get you ready for the show, and get ready for tickets going on sale soon. You can see the flyer below.

Superior – Changes

Brandon James and Superior – Trapfone

Superior – LA Freestyle

Brandon James – Six17

Brandon James ft. A.Tibbz – Fever

Brandon James – Never Fall (All These Days)

Plad Fine$$e – The Wave ft. Jefe Replay

Plad Fine$$e – That’s Finesse

Plad Fine$$e – The Scene

Plad Fine$$e ft. Tony Bodega, Rizzo 100- Diving in the Ropes 

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 7.53.07 PM.png


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