Don’t Sleep on K$ace

By: Seamus Fay

Currently on the come up, New York rapper and model K$ace has an energy that most artists plain and simple do not have. He regularly facetimes fans and has been known to make any party he joins wayyyyy more hype (or so I have heard). To prove this, K$ace recently performed at Fools Gold’s Day Off, not using the stage. Instead, fans held him up the entire time. It doesn’t top Jazz Cartier hanging from the ceiling at the Illmore, but it’s a hell of a way to perform. Back to what he does, K$ace (by the way, he got his name by wearing a Versace jumpsuit at a party, and his name is Kyle, hence K$ace) has been a model for a while. But in recent months, he started rapping, and his personality and energy have quickly gotten him quite a bit of fame. You can check out his SoundCloud below, the first vlog from a day in the life series he is starting, and his music video for his song titled “I Might”. Do not sleep on K$ace in the future and share his energy in music.

P.S. K$ace says that Pharrell is one of his main influences in fashion so that just shows he knows what he’s doing.

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